"It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you – always."

~ Oprah Winfrey.

My leadership journey in education commenced in 2007 following a work placement in Guangzhou (China) where I was commissioned to work with the school leadership team in reviewing practices in place, introducing and implementing new approaches to early years and managing pupils with special educational needs.  Leading and working successfully in collaboration with colleagues from a very different culture and with a work ethic that was very different from mine was a real challenge. It really encouraged me to reflect on my own leadership style, and also heightened my awareness of how developed my emotional intelligence was.


Once I had returned to England, I was determined to continue to work hard, study and aspire to be a great headteacher. My life and focus was always about ensuring that the pupils were consistently provided with the highest standards of education that they deserved, and that I became an outstanding leader. The net consequence of this was that I had no work-life balance. My time with family and friends was no longer a priority, and my health suffered.


Luckily, as part of my leadership training, I was allocated a professional coach to work with. This was the best thing that happened as it gave me a person outside of work that I could talk to in confidence and have 1:1 conversations on personal/professional challenges.  I really appreciated the value and benefits of these sessions and highly recommend that all leaders invest in a coach. As a leader, when do you ever get time in your working life where you are given the space, and time to reflect, speak and be listened to without being interrupted or judged?


The most defining moment for me as a newly appointed leader, was when I successfully managed and led my team to achieving an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted outcome within 9 months of my first appointment as a headteacher. It was a great feeling to know that all that hard work and dedication had finally paid off, and that ‘WE’ as a team had worked together to achieve the very best outcomes for our children and I was now recognised as an ‘outstanding leader’. What I really learnt from this moment is that when a leader recognises and values every team members’ efforts and gives them ownership – a school can achieve their wildest dreams.


My leadership journey was not entirely a smooth one as I too experienced some challenges along the way. One of the challenges that I faced in my early stages of leadership was managing the constant workload. I very quickly learnt how to work on tasks that maximised my unique value-add by consistently applying the prioritisation matrix tool to help me prioritise the important tasks and delegate to my team. What I learnt from this is that delegating can make you more productive and empowers the people to whom you have given the work to.


The experiences and challenges I faced as a developing headteacher and leader are common to any leadership role, whether it’s as a middle or senior leader. It is this awareness, experiences and my passion to empower other leaders to achieve outstanding results and to enjoy balance, health and a great life in the process that ultimately led to the creation of Enhance Education Consultancy.

My core values are:

  • Empowerment to take ownership

  • Commitment to succeed

  • Accountability for own actions

  • Making a difference to people’s lives

  • Perseverance despite knock backs

  • Continue to learn and grow (personally and/professionally

My Testimonials
"Grace is highly experienced in all aspects of SEND having worked at senior leadership level in two special education schools. She is passionate about the wellbeing, care and educational development of her pupils. She has worked with the National College for Teaching and Learning (NCTL) within their diversity strand to promote both women leaders and under represented groups. Grace is both hard-working and conscientious."
Jan Rudge
“Grace is a confident coach who works in a structured way. She is results focused, and driven to consistently deliver a good outcome for her client.

Grace helped me to realize that I can do more than I think, I am capable of in order to make significant changes in my life - on the basis that I take ownership by putting an action plan in place with clear steps, deadlines, and commit to following it through”.
Marna Marx. Marketing Director Smart Start Minds - Essex, England - United Kingdom
“Her way of working is focused, and her process allows you to simplify the process with clear actions toimplement. She is heart-warming and offers a space where there is no judgment.

I highly recommend coaching with Grace for anyone who needs the motivation to implement their dreams and want to see them come to life”.
Maryn Van Biljon. Operations Director at Heart Studios. Amsterdam - The Netherlands
The headteacher and other members of the senior leadership team have a dynamic vision for enabling every pupil to reach their full potential and live life to the fullest possible extent.
Ofsted June 2014

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