"What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead."

~ Nelson Mandela

My name is Grace Kew, I am an accredited, professional Leadership coach and mentor with over 9 years’ experience as a leader.

As a trained leadership coach, I know what it takes to become a great leader.  More importantly, as an experienced leader – having been through my own journey to outstanding leadership, I understand first-hand how difficult the road can be when we don’t have the right support, and the impact that can have not just on school results, but on our personal lives, health and relationships too.

My purpose is to help school leaders unlock their potential to successfully transform results, whilst safeguarding their well-being.

I am passionate about coaching school leaders who are committed to taking ownership of their professional growth and developing high-performing teams, giving them the support and practical tools, they need to ignite their potential, transform results and achieve balance in the process.


I work with leaders to develop their confidence, clarity and a greater sense of control and calm while delivering concrete results as they:

  • Develop leadership effectiveness (the challenge of developing the relevant skills such as time-management, prioritisation, strategic thinking, decision making, getting up to speed with the job – to be a more effective leader)
  • Inspire others (the challenge of inspiring and motivating others to ensure they are motivated and working smarter)
  • Develop Employees (the challenge of developing others including mentoring and coaching)
  • Build high-performance teams (the challenge of team-building, team development and team management – how to lead a team, and what to do when taking over a new team)
  • Guide change (the challenge of managing, mobilizing, understanding and leading change)
  • Manage Internal Stakeholders and Politics (the challenge of managing relationships, politics and image)


Having successfully completed the Aspire to Senior Leadership and Black and Minority Ethnic Internship Programmes, I am also an Ambassador for Equality and Diversity in leadership positions.

My core values are:

  • Empowerment to take ownership

  • Commitment to succeed

  • Accountability for own actions

  • Making a difference to people’s lives

  • Perseverance despite knock backs

  • Continue to learn and grow (personally and/professionally

On a Personal Note

I was born in Zambia, and have studied and worked in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Scotland, Denmark, England and China. This has provided me with first- hand experience of the intricacies of interacting and working with different cultures.

I am married to a wonderful man and have two sons. I am also a proud grandmother of four adorable grandchildren. In my personal time, I am passionate about spending time with family and friends. I love travelling, boating, walking, cooking and baking. I also enjoy spending time at the gym or reading a good book. One of the craziest and most terrifying thing I have done in my life is Bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge (between Zambia and Zimbabwe) with 111 meters of pure adrenaline rush.

My Testimonials
"Grace is highly experienced in all aspects of SEND having worked at senior leadership level in two special education schools. She is passionate about the wellbeing, care and educational development of her pupils. She has worked with the National College for Teaching and Learning (NCTL) within their diversity strand to promote both women leaders and under represented groups. Grace is both hard-working and conscientious."
Jan Rudge
“Grace is a confident coach who works in a structured way. She is results focused, and driven to consistently deliver a good outcome for her client.

Grace helped me to realize that I can do more than I think, I am capable of in order to make significant changes in my life - on the basis that I take ownership by putting an action plan in place with clear steps, deadlines, and commit to following it through”.
Marna Marx. Marketing Director Smart Start Minds - Essex, England - United Kingdom
“Her way of working is focused, and her process allows you to simplify the process with clear actions toimplement. She is heart-warming and offers a space where there is no judgment.

I highly recommend coaching with Grace for anyone who needs the motivation to implement their dreams and want to see them come to life”.
Maryn Van Biljon. Operations Director at Heart Studios. Amsterdam - The Netherlands
The headteacher and other members of the senior leadership team have a dynamic vision for enabling every pupil to reach their full potential and live life to the fullest possible extent.
Ofsted June 2014

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