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  • Are you a school leader or part of the school’s leadership team?
  • Are you finding leadership to be a lonely place – under a lot of pressure, burnt out and it’s affecting your home life, energy or health?
  • Perhaps you’re struggling to meet the goals of the school, Ofsted inspections have not gone as well as you need them to, and you need your team to be able to help turn things around?
  • Despite being all about educating young people, perhaps you’re struggling to meet the professional development needs of your team and looking for ways to develop your own leadership skills and confidence?

If so, you’re in the right place!


My mission is to help one million leaders within Education confidently build teams that make the most of their gifts and talents – without compromising their wellbeing.


Let’s be honest…

No matter how passionate we are about education, and how good we are at what we do, when moving into a leadership role, the early years can be a very lonely and challenging place to be.

Suddenly, the rules of the game have changed, the team dynamics are different and what is expected of us from above and below is not always something we feel we have the skills, experience or confidence to handle.  We are expected to lead and support others and yet we don’t feel we have anyone to turn to for our own support and help when we need it most.

The journey to becoming a great headteacher can be an exciting adventure of a lifetime, but those early years can also be the most challenging, and without the right support leadership can feel exhausting, overwhelming and life can easily start to feel out of balance.

I believe every headteacher and their leadership team have the potential to become a great leader and live a great life in the process – my passion is to give leaders and their leadership teams the support and practical tools they need to make it happen.

My Values
High Expectations

I have always aimed to achieve the very best standards for myself and those that I work with. This has been consistently reflected throughout my career as an outstanding teacher to an outstanding Headteacher. Enhance Education Consultancy is committed to delivering the best services, products and guidance that it can to its clients and to helping them achieve the best every time

Continue to learn and grow

I have the love for learning and consistently seek out new learning opportunities in order to best serve my clients and fuel my own personal and professional growth. In the same way, Enhance Education Consultancy serves leadership teams who want to gain new strategies so that they feel confident and well prepared to grow their leadership/leadership teams.

Empowerment to take ownership

I believe that when people are empowered, they find creative ways to resolve their own problems.
This benefits the employer as employees enjoy their work more than others because they are trusted and get to make decisions. Through coaching, Enhance Education empowers leaders and their teams to think critically to solve problems.


If you are in search of a Leadership coach and mentor with first-hand experience of what it takes to be a confident and great leader without compromising your wellbeing – then you are in the right place.

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We are experts at partnering with you to understand your needs, identify objectives, analyse your situation, diagnose issues and identify bespoke solutions that will create high performing leaders and teams.

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This personal development assessment is designed to support an individual’s understanding of work-related behaviours, the behaviours of others, and how to apply this knowledge in work situations.

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We are experts at partnering with you to understand your needs, identify objectives, analyse your situation, diagnose issues and identify bespoke solutions that will create high performing leaders and teams.

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My Testimonials
"Grace is highly experienced in all aspects of SEND having worked at senior leadership level in two special education schools. She is passionate about the wellbeing, care and educational development of her pupils. She has worked with the National College for Teaching and Learning (NCTL) within their diversity strand to promote both women leaders and under represented groups. Grace is both hard-working and conscientious."
Jan Rudge
“Grace is a confident coach who works in a structured way. She is results focused, and driven to consistently deliver a good outcome for her client.

Grace helped me to realize that I can do more than I think, I am capable of in order to make significant changes in my life - on the basis that I take ownership by putting an action plan in place with clear steps, deadlines, and commit to following it through”.
Marna Marx. Marketing Director Smart Start Minds - Essex, England - United Kingdom
“Her way of working is focused, and her process allows you to simplify the process with clear actions toimplement. She is heart-warming and offers a space where there is no judgment.

I highly recommend coaching with Grace for anyone who needs the motivation to implement their dreams and want to see them come to life”.
Maryn Van Biljon. Operations Director at Heart Studios. Amsterdam - The Netherlands
The headteacher and other members of the senior leadership team have a dynamic vision for enabling every pupil to reach their full potential and live life to the fullest possible extent.
Ofsted June 2014

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